Dublin Gastronomy Symposium


Dublin Gastronomy Symposium 2020

26-27th May 2020

Theme: Food and Disruption: What shall we eat tomorrow?

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The concept of disruption has been central to the story of food from the dawn of time. Individual disruptors (Apicius, Columbus, La Varenne, Escoffier, Parker, Adrià), agricultural disruptors (Cato, Varro, Jethro Tull, Monsanto, GMOs), and technological disruptors (fire, flint, freezing, refrigeration, railways, electricity, internet, iPhones) have shaped how we live our lives today and yet we always had cause to pose the question: What shall we eat tomorrow? At times, this question related to choice and connoisseurship; in other cases, it revolved around necessity and hunger. We are witnessing a dramatic rise in global population and an ever-increasing consumption-driven middle class, while also experiencing a dramatic fall in global biodiversity. From the birth of organised farming, the introduction of New World foods, the rise of the sugar industry, the Industrial Revolution, the refrigerated railway car, to the proliferation of fast food, we have always had cause to pose the question: What shall we eat tomorrow?

The DGS Organising Committee looks forward to welcoming you all to Dublin in May 2020.

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