Blended learning was introduced into the Construction Management programme in the School of Surveying and Construction Management at the Dublin Institute of Technology in 2016. The module has traditionally been delivered by face-to-face teaching but online delivery has been facilitated using the Virtual Learning Environment (Blackboard) which has enabled a more blended approach to academic instruction. This innovative change to module provision has also provided an opportunity to enhance the student learning experience within the School through a more flexible teaching and learning environment.

In this paper, the design, development and implementation of blended learning into a Construction Technology module is outlined and we examine the student experiences of the blended learning approach, in particular their perspectives on online delivery and the pedagogical benefits of this approach. The article highlights areas that require further research and outlines elements of the module that could be improved to enhance future provision. The paper will be of value to higher education practitioners and in particular all stakeholders in the new Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin)[1] in terms of the University vision for a digital campus; which will enable flexible, online and blended learning provision.

Keywords: Blended Learning, eLearning, Online Delivery, Learning Technologies, Construction Management Education, Higher Education, TU Dublin, Republic of Ireland

[1] https://www.tu4dublin.ie/ (Accessed 28th September 2018)

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