The COVID 19 pandemic triggered the move to online teaching which prompted a redesign of the Regulatory Environment module in the Sports Management and Coaching programme, TU Dublin. The module redesign focused on replacing the traditional invigilated exam with authentic assessment. The aim of the redesign was to improve the student experience and engagement.

Authentic assessment immersed the student in the learning experience and they became enthusiastic self-directed learners. It imposed a real life dimension to the regulatory environment module content which is entirely theoretical in nature.

An online focus group was conducted with the regulatory environment students. The research established that the authentic assessment had a positive impact on the student experience & their engagement in the online regulatory environment module.

The findings demonstrate that implementing authentic assessment in theoretical modules that are regulatory in nature, has many beneficial consequences for both student and lecturer. It enables understanding, knowledge retention and encourages student engagement negating challenges faced in the online learning environment. It creates an enjoyable and supportive enjoyable learning experience for students once appropriate structures are in place. The participants acknowledged that an additional effect of completing authentic assessment tasks is that they developed transversal skills which are a key employability factor.

The outcome of the research will contribute to the body of knowledge on authentic assessment and inform the future design of curriculum and assessment in regulatory environment modules.