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This research paper examines the role of the artisan food producer, not just as an entrepreneur and service provider but with a focus on how they contribute to the preservation of Ireland’s food culture and heritage. Using a qualitative methodology and in keeping with a phenomenological approach, in-depth interviews were conducted with a purposeful sample of ten artisan food producers from different parts of Ireland. A thematic analysis of the responses was carried out, with a desire to let the voice of the artisans themselves tell their story. The research shows that through the conservation and use of traditional ingredients, the integration of age-old skills and craftmanship, and the painstaking restoration of mills, barns and outbuildings, the artisan food producer plays a pivotal role in preserving the food culture and heritage of the nation. The research findings provide an insight into the lives of the artisan food producer, showing how they are motivated by passion for what they do, as well as an intrinsic sense of responsibility to those who have gone before them and to future generations. These findings provide an opportunity for academics and policy makers alike to gain an understanding of the livedexperience of these key stakeholders, which can inform decisions to enhance and develop future policies and practices underpinning Ireland’s food tourism success.

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