The COVID-19 lockdown has changed the educational landscape forever; everything that we thought we could not do online, it turned out we could. When the Irish Government announced that all third-level educational institutes were to close in March 2020 and that lecturers would move theory-based lectures online, it seemed a daunting challenge. Most lecturing staff had little experience of lecturing with online platforms and no time to prepare the students for new ways of working and attending class. Little did we know that twelve months later, as the crisis raged on, that an even bigger decision had to be grappled with - how to run a kitchen-base product development class virtually? It was really a leap of faith for both the lecturers and the group of students involved. We thought we could not run practical classes if the college closed, it turned out we could. We thought we would never get the students to innovate in their home kitchens, they did. We though the students could not engage with product development using ingredients from their cupboards, they could, and they did. The module proceeded online, and the results provided innovative products, engaged students, and exceptionally surprised lecturers.

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