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There is an expanding shift in the academy to pedagogical developments that aim to address the shortage of custodians of knowledge from Black and ethnic minorities as a contributing factor in sustaining systemic racism and stereotypes in higher education. Further to this, Appleton states that decolonising will only take place and be successful if there are real structural changes in the module, programme, inside the classroom and across the university to create equity and fairness of experience and outcome for every student irrespective of their background. Building MultiStories is constructed as a process whereby staff and students, together, work to identify changes to their curricula, to resources and to assessments that consider alternative epistemologies. The initial pilot took the approach of embedding information literacy teaching from the library services into a business module, 'Diversity in the Workplace’, to develop the skillset of the students, to search for, discover, and critically analyse resources through the lens of diversification. This enabled them to interact with potentially new materials and knowledges and to reflect on this. A ‘Discover Diversity’ library collection, will be further expanded based on the students' recommendations.