This paper takes a generative learning perspective to study the pedagogical benefits of employing simulated virtual learning environments to replicate real world business decision making. Simulated business games have been growing in importance on many business programmes over the last twenty years, and the increase in online delivery due the Covid 19 pandemic has heightened the focus on this type of virtual delivery. As members of a management students take part in running a simulated business gaining real management experience. Students make weekly strategic decisions for their company, market results are then released for the company each week and the students need to react. The students compete against each other bringing a real element of competition to the experience. This investigation focuses on the student’s perspective of their learning experience through a generative learning analysis of their individual reflections. The findings highlight the development of crucial management skills in the areas of analysis, teamwork, presentations and decision making. The main contribution of the paper is the confirmation of a generative learning cycle between course content, engagement in the simulation and skills development. These findings provide a framework for educators integrating a simulation of this type into their programmes.

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