Journal Overview

The Irish Journal of Academic Practice (IJAP) is published online once annually at Technological University Dublin. IJAP is a peer-reviewed journal that welcomes scholarly and practice-based articles, case studies, opinion & reflective pieces and reviews relating to learning, teaching, assessment and technology within higher education. It is our aim that IJAP will inspire, educate, stimulate and engage its readership. Like other such journals, IJAP is essential for driving future improvement in, and continuing to raise the profile of Teaching and Learning across the Irish higher education sector. Teaching is of fundamental importance for future generations, and we need to harness the very best evidence to enable our teachers to grow and develop - IJAP certainly provides this!

Next Regular Issue

  • Colleagues are invited to submit full articles online for our next regular issue using the "Submit Article" link on our homepage. We are currently featuring some of the articles for issue 11 in our pre-publication section.
  • Please contact us if you have any queries about submitting to future issues.
  • Further Information: Journal Purpose

    This journal is a vehicle for the academics who are involved in pedagogic research to disseminate their work to a wider audience. The participants are drawn from different components of the third level sector in Ireland including vocational, further and higher education. Such a graduate journal is a good place to learn the ‘ropes’ of the publishing process, and try out ideas in early stages of research and study. If you are thinking of ways to disseminate your evidence-based practice, case studies are an excellent way to achieve impact and visibility of research work; sources of inspiration for your paper can be current "hot topics", your reflective teaching notes or of course, your own research.

    Journal Focus and Scope

    IJAP articles are drawn from the areas of learning, teaching, technology and professional development. Special emphasis is on innovative practices in teaching and learning. Articles are from graduates of related postgraduate programmes at TU Dublin, holders of Teaching Fellowships, and academic staff locally, nationally and internationally who are engaging with pedagogic research.

Special Issue in 2022-2023 - Education for Sustainable Development: Pedagogical Innovations Empowering Transformation towards a Resilient and Regenerative Future

TU Dublin and UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research)

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) envision a future of social justice and economic prosperity within environmental limits, with education as an agent for transformation. Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is premised on learning being repurposed from one with a primarily economic focus to one encompassing global citizenship, social responsibility and environmental stewardship. SDG 4.7 mandates higher education institutions to prepare graduates for this renewed purpose and is measured by the extent to which ESD is mainstreamed in higher education.

In line with these priorities, a call for papers (including original research articles, reviews, commentaries or reflections) for a special issue of the Irish Journal of Academic Practice was issued in late 2022. This Special Issue will be aimed at capturing pedagogical innovations, underpinning institutional strategy and capacity building across higher education that are contributing to SDG 4.7.

Special Issue Guest Editors

Cormac MacMahon, cormac.mcmahon@tudublin.ie
Lucia Morales, lucia.morales@tudublin.ie
Philippe Lemarchand, Philippe.lemarchand@tudublin.ie
Jon-Hans Coetzer, Jon-Hans.COETZER@unitar.org

Process and Key Dates

Abstract submission is now closed. Colleagues who have been invited to submit full articles should do so by Friday 31st March 2023, when they will circulated for peer review. Publication of the special issue is expected in Summer 2023.

Current Issue: Volume 11, Issue 1 (2023) Pre-Publication