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Ireland’s new Technological University – insights and foresights

In 2019, to celebrate the establishment of TU Dublin, we issued a call for papers looking at the impact of the formation of the new university on its multiple stakeholders. We also invited a small number of opinion pieces from a variety of individuals for inclusion. Given that the stated remit of technological universities is to address the social and economic needs of their region and to engage in industry-focused research, we especially encouraged contrasting views on the idea of such a university. The papers included in this issue are the result. They are written by a cross-section of our higher education community and offer perspectives from a variety of angles, from the role of the arts in a TU, to issues surrounding student and civic engagement, gender equality, academic experiences and the wider European context. We hope that these articles will open a new dialogue both within and outside the university, and thereby help to forge the emergent identity of TU Dublin. In this way too, we seek to question the prevailing debate on the role of higher education which all too often revolves around economic rather than intellectual and social benefits. Living as we do in an era where access to information is no longer mediated via traditional gatekeepers, and where the value of truth itself can no longer be taken for granted, we believe that this issue is timely insofar as it offers an opportunity to examine the wider role of higher education within contemporary Irish society. We welcome your considered comments and feedback, and may publish a selection of the most topical responses.

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Current Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1 (2020)



Learning from and Engaging with Assessment and Feedback (LEAF): Growing Practice
Emma Robinson, Ziene Mottiar, Greg Byrne, Jane Courtney, Geraldine Gorham, Anne Hurley, Louise Lynch, Leanne Harris, and Denise O'Leary


What Could Really Excellent Civic Engagement Look Like in a Technological University?
Catherine Bates, Sarah Gavra Boland, Catherine Lynch, and Eoin Mooney