Style Sheet for Dublin Gastronomy Symposium

Please use Times New Roman 12 pt font with 1.5 line spacing. We propose to use the Harvard referencing system, otherwise known as author-date. Footnotes are not favoured. The references are provided in a Works Cited section at the end of the article. For citations within the text, please use the following system: (Fanning, 2009, p.65). This could refer to a book by Bryan Fanning, which should be referenced in the following manner at the end of the article:

Fanning, B. (2009) A Study of the New Irish. London: Macmillan.

Have a look at the following paragraph, where I have bolded certain references:

One factor that has contributed to rising levels of obesity in the western world is a gradual change in eating habits. In pre-War Britain, poverty levels were higher, food was scarce, and habits such as snacking would not have been commonplace (Buckroyd, 1996, pp.421-2). Critser argues that in the US the rise in obesity grew from a “boundary-free culture of American food consumption” (2003, p.31), where growth in consumerism and personal wealth coincided with changing family eating habits. “Society as a whole has not adapted well to the constant availability and abundance of food” (Jeffrey and French, 1998, p.279).

Sample Reference List

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