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Food and beverages

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This presentation was given at the 2014 Hospitality EXPO, which ran over 2 days (4-5th February) in The RDS Main Hall, Ballsbridge, Dublin, Ireland. This national exhibition has run for over 30 years and attracts members of the hospitality, tourism and retail industries, offering information on the latest innovations, dedicated advice, specialist presentations and focused discussion sessions with leading industry professionals


The agri-food sector plays an integral part in Ireland’s economy. It is the largest indigenous industry, contributing €26 billion in turnover and generating 12.3% of merchandise exports. The agri-food and drink sector accounts for 7.2% of Ireland's economy-wide GVA and 12.3% of Ireland’s exports. The sector supports around 170,000 jobs or 8.8% of total employment and makes a particularly significant contribution to employment in rural areas. (DAFM 2014).

In a rapidly changing environment the survival of the food service industry and the food retail markets depend to a large extent on their capacity to develop and market new or radically improved products. The identified product development tends provide insight into the new and novel food products available to facilitate the growing demands of the food industry in Ireland and the ever-changing fashions in food requirements world-wide.