About This Journal

Aims of Journal

The aims of Journal of Social Care are:

• to provide a forum where practitioners and undergraduate and postgraduate students in the field of social care can share their research with others.

• to make the process of research more accessible to new researchers by highlighting examples of good research and literature reviews relevant to the practice of social care.

• to make available to a wider audience the range of research topics that are being explored by students and practitioners in social care to facilitate potential dialogue and collaboration.

Scope of Journal

All manuscripts should be relevant to social care work. It is appreciated that social care work is a broad area involving many client groups in different settings.

Original research reports (including small scale), literature reviews, critical practice reflections and book reviews will be considered for publication.

The journal is a forum where relatively inexperienced researchers can share their work. We are open to submissions from practitioners, managers and undergraduate and postgraduate students of social care.