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ATHE ( Association for Tourism and Hospitality Education) Annual Conference 2021. Hybrid and Virtual Experiences: Opportunity of Threat for Tourism Education and Industry: A Virtual Conference 9th-10th December 2021


To ensure graduates have the skill to work within the tourism industry, and spurred on by the paradigm shift in teaching due to Covid 19, this research focused on developing innovative solutions using technology. Using virtual assessment techniques, industry co-created evaluation, and integrated assessment, it explored how virtual field-trips can be developed as part of remote teaching methods. To provide context to the topic of sustainable tourism and technology, a student-led virtual seminar with industry was undertaken linking with TU Dublin Green Week 2021. In place of a fieldtrip using Google Earth and Screen-casto-matic, students created videos incorporating the sustainability message which was assessed from an academic, industry and peer perspective. Finally, based on an adapted UTAUT model (Venkatesh 2003) student evaluations focused on use, adoption and perceptions of using technology as part of delivery.

This paper reflects on the findings and the future role of virtual techniques as a delivery mode of field-trips and site visits.