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6.2 CULINARY ARTS, Food and Beverage, Drinks Studies, Gastronomy, Food History

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Murphy, J (2023) The Pub Snug, Culture Night 2023-School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology Presentations, East Quad Building, City Campus, Dublin 7: TU Dublin


James Murphy: The Pub Snug’ . This presentation and talk explored the origins of pub snugs, their social and cultural contribution, their temporary demise and the renewed interest in pub snugs in 21st century Ireland. It was presented at Culture Night 2023 which took place again on Friday September 22nd as part of the School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology contributions to the overall event which was based in the new multi-disciplinary East Quad Arts Building on our Grangegorman Campus, TU Dublin. This event included exhibitions, performances, seminars and curated talks by students and staff of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the theme of the 2023 Culture Night was ’Feeding the Senses’, all events were open to the general public to enjoy. If you would like to support our school and the next Generation of Food, Culinary and Horticulture students, contact us at e:


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