About This Journal


The Science Undergraduate Research Experience Journal (SURE-J) is a high-quality, international, open access, online, double blind reviewed publication which deals with all aspects of undergraduate research in the broad Sciences including, but not necessarily limited to; Analytical Science; Biology; Biopharmaceutical Science; Chemistry; Computing; Food Science; Health Science and Nutrition; Land Sciences; Mathematics; Nursing; Pharmaceutical Science; Physics and Sport Science.

The Science Undergraduate Research Experience Journal (SURE-J) was founded in 2018 by a group of researchers and academics working collectively under the SURE Network. The journal is published by the Technological University Dublin, Cathal Brugha Campus, Dublin, Ireland. All articles in this journal are full text and available on open access.

SURE-J takes an interdisciplinary and international approach and includes all aspects of undergraduate science research. It is inclusive of all science disciplines and the journal's online platform facilitates an integrated submission/review/publication approach. SURE-J welcomes submissions of primary research articles, integrative literature reviews, systematic reviews and meta-analyses. All manuscripts submitted are subject to ‘double – blind – review’. As SURE-J is published in digital format only, papers can include a variety of media elements including audio and visual files, a range of image formats and hyperlinks to websites and other online resources.

This journal aims to be the leading international journal for disseminating undergraduate research in the Sciences.