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Metaverse technology integrates virtual and augmented reality, has significantly impacted many industries, and opened up new opportunities for educators and 1 Corresponding Author R Badaoui learners alike. This article focuses on its potential to transform e-learning, especially in engineering education, and highlights the importance of understanding engineering students' attitudes toward adopting new technologies. This study sheds light on the potential of e-learning in general, and the metaverse in specific, to engage and motivate students. We conducted a quantitative online survey (n=120) to collect data from engineering students. The analysis of collected data explores and evaluates the students' awareness and acceptance of the metaverse in e-learning. Our results demonstrate that engineering students have a good awareness, a positive attitude, and motivation towards using new technologies and highlight a good opportunity for the metaverse to enhance engineering students’ online interactions and participation compared with traditional e-learning methods.


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