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Engineering education research (EER) is becoming a globally connected field of inquiry but there is a lack of sustained funding opportunities available. Currently, it is not quantitatively known which entities are most prolific for providing funding for EER globally. This study attempted to map which entities were most commonly cited as providing funding for EER. Three top-tier EER journals were chosen, articles published in the journals during 2021 were identified. Metadata about each publication was downloaded from Scopus. Funding information for each publication was qualitatively analysed, then synthesised to provide a quantitative understanding of EER funding sources. There was a notable discrepancy between Europe and the USA. Many USA articles secured funding primarily from the National Science Foundation, whereas European articles were more likely to report funding from a range of different sources, including EU programs, state and national governments. This suggests that EER is given a higher priority in the United States and that the majority of this funding is channelled through the NSF. This has implications that growth of EER outside of USA may be restricted by limited funding opportunities.


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