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Polymer science, Civil engineering, Construction engineering, Transport engineering, Materials engineering, Other engineering and technologies

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RILEM Technical Letters (2018) 3: 98‐103


Induction healing is a proven technology which is able to improve the self‐healing capacity of asphalt concrete. Healing is achieved via electromagnetic current produced by passing induction machine, where steel asphalt constituents heat up which in turn soften the bitumen in the asphalt layer, allowing it to flow and close cracks, repairing the damage. This paper reports on the study which investigated the influence of ageing on the healing capacity of Porous Asphalt (PA) concrete. Porous Asphalt concrete mix was prepared first, then subjected to an accelerated (laboratory) ageing process using a ventilated oven. In order to further evaluate the induction healing efficiency of asphalt concrete, Semi‐circular bending (SCB) and healing cycles were performed on asphalt concrete specimens. The results show that with an increase of the ageing level of porous asphalt concrete, the healing efficiency of the asphalt decreases.