Adapting existing qualifications to a national qualifications framework (NQF) and to the requirements of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) is one of the key elements of the process of developing and establishing a country’s NQF. Many countries have to tackle the challenge of adapting existing qualifications to the NQF and EQF requirements. This also pertains to Macedonia, which is currently in the process of implementing a qualifications system based on a national qualifications framework.

An international Twinning project took place in Macedonia in 2016-2017, entitled Further improvement of the system for development and implementation of the National Qualifications Framework. One of its three main components addressed the issue of adapting existing qualifications in Macedonia to the requirements of the Macedonian Qualifications Framework and the European Qualifications Framework.

A broad range of analyses and discussions with Macedonian experts resulted in the development of three complementary documents presenting the entire spectrum of recommendations on how existing qualifications may be included in a system based on the NQF:

  1. ‘Adapting existing qualifications to the NQF and EQF requirements – recommendations for public authorities’
  2. ‘Guidelines. The role of Sectoral Qualifications Councils in the process of adapting existing qualifications’
  3. ‘Manual on Adapting Existing Qualifications to the NQF and EQF Requirements for experts involved in adapting particular qualifications’.

This report presents the general approach to solving the problem of how to connect Macedonia’s educational heritage with a new overarching system, in which the national qualifications framework referenced to the European Qualifications Framework plays an important role. In addition, proposals are included on the formal and institutional aspects of the processes of adapting existing qualifications to the NQF and EQF requirements, as well as specific work tools for experts who are analysing, assessing and modernising the qualifications in Macedonia. The report is structured to serve as a valuable inspiration for decision makers and experts undertaking similar tasks in other countries.





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