About This Journal

Level3 is an open access, occasional e-journal devised in 2003 as a means of capturing and disseminating the variety and scope of research and innovatory practices in the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), now Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin).

Since then, the reach of the journal has extended to an international community of authors, using four languages so far. The content of the journal has also extended to include all tertiary and work-related learning - vocational education and training (VET), apprenticeships, internships, discipline-specific research, regulatory science, and sectoral education and training - as well as maintaining a critical interest in the original themes of local and meta education policies, qualifications frameworks, and pedagogical practices.

We intend to maintain the original, non-commercial, open-access ethos of the journal by encouraging its focus on critical scholarship and independent thinking, and by ensuring that authors continue to fully own their own writing.

Level3 is now hosted in the TU Dublin Institutional Repository ARROW@TUDublin. Authors may avail of automatic reports of downloads and readership and receive alerts via email or rss. Items for Level3 should be submitted directly to the Editors in response to CALLS. It is not necessary to use the ARROW submission process. Authors are welcome, and indeed encouraged, to discuss a possible submission with the editors in advance.