Policy on ethics and author responsibilities

Policy: Accuracy and plagiarism

Authors are totally responsible for the accuracy and appropriateness of their submissions. Editors cannot be held responsible for the opinions expressed in any article or for inaccuracies contained therein.

The Editors may reject an item they consider inappropriate for publication.

Submitting authors should indicate if the work is their sole work or joint work with others. In cases of joint work, submitting authors should indicate that permission to publish had been achieved from all authors.

Authors are responsible for ensuring that no accusation of plagiarism could be attached to their submission to Level3.

Policy: Copyright matters

Authors retain copyright over their own original writings published in Level3.

Items submitted to Level3 which were previously published should be identified as such by authors at the time of submission.

Items published in Level3 which were already published elsewhere will have this status indicated.

Policy: Languages

Level3 welcomes articles/items in English and Irish.

We also welcome articles which have a version in another second language attached. However, we may not have the capacity to copy-edit or proof-read in a language other than English or Irish. In such cases, authors should ensure the accuracy of the text in the second language.