igher education must take a united approach to activating the lifelong learning mindset of all individuals in society. By calling for individuals to identify and name learning gained experientially in the workplace, or in community settings, higher education providers will normalise the on-going capture of knowledge, skills and competencies. This mindset is valuable in a time of economic uncertainty. Valuing learning ties to the preparation of material for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) should the individual’s knowledge be comparable with a particular programme or module. With this approach it is possible to capture significant learning events as they occur and claim the learning in a reflective, meaningful way. Cork city’s Lifelong Learning Festival provided the forum for Cork Institute of Technology and the Cork Adult Guidance Service to explore the capturing of non-formal and informal learning through the creation of individual eportfolios. Workshops were provided to community-based groups with the purpose of activating the individual’s lifelong learning mindset. Discussions held after the workshops capture insights and opinions regarding making experiential learning visible. The workshop organisers conclude that in order to realise the full potential of RPL it is worth promoting the step before entering the learning system, namely the capturing and valuing of all learning as it arises and maintaining this on an eportfolio.