The problem of ensuring management and employees have clearly defined goals to work towards is one which has engaged management practitioners for some time. It is a challenge which engages organisations across industry sectors and business types (Prahalad 1999; O’Gorman 1999). This article describes the development of a framework for the identification of guiding goals for organisations using the principles of participatory design. The framework described involves internal and external stakeholders in the development of mission and vision statements. A pilot study using the initial stages of this framework was implemented with academic staff of an undergraduate academic programme in a Dublin higher education college. The need to foster an innovative culture among the multiple stakeholder groups involved in any academic programme make it an appropriate setting to pilot this activity. In the study, the initial phases of the framework were implemented and draft mission and vision statements were generated. The process of generating these statements is described and generic recommendations made for the implementation of this process in other settings.





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