Editors: Dr. Anne Murphy, Technological University Dublin, ()
  Dr. Brendan Devlin, Technological University Dublin, ()
  Ray English, Technological University Dublin, ()
  Prof. Anne Greene, Technological University Dublin, ()

Level3, an occasional on-line journal, was devised in 2003 as a means of capturing and disseminating online the variety and quality of research and innovatory practices within the DIT, now Technological University Dublin (TUD).

Since then, over twenty issues of Level3 have been published. Its reach has extended internationally and beyond the confines of academia. We publish both occasional issues arising from general CALLs and special issues related to discrete areas of industry-related research and to academic commentary on significant contemporary issues.

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Current Issue: Volume 19, Issue 1 (2023) ICH Q9(R1): The Next Frontier

Section 1: Preface and Keynotes


Anne Greene, Martin Lipa, and Bill Paulson

Section 2: Plenary Session


Quality Reborn
Anders Vinther


Morning Panel Discussion
Alice Redmond and Aidan Harrington

Section 3: Parallel Tracks - Innovation and Digital

Section3 : Parallel Tracks - QRM and RBDM


Achieving Warranted Acceptance of Biotechnologies
Emily Grayek and Baruch Fischhoff

Section 3: Parallel Tracks - Pharma Workplace of the Future Track

Section 4: IPQ

Section 5: Addendum : PRST and IPQ Collaboration