Editors: Dr. Anne Murphy, Technological University Dublin, ()
  Dr. Brendan Devlin, Technological University Dublin, ()
  Ray English, Technological University Dublin, ()
  Prof. Anne Greene, Technological University Dublin, ()

Level3, an occasional on-line journal, was devised in 2003 as a means of capturing and disseminating online the variety and quality of research and innovatory educational practices within the DIT now the Technological University Dublin. It was also envisaged as a medium to extend the philosophical and theoretical dimensions of third-level learning and teaching, offering a forum for critique of in-house, national and international policies, practices and emerging trends.

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Current Issue: Volume 16, Issue 1 (2021) Steps Towards Digital Transformation in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Landscape Linking Data, Analytics, Knowledge and Risk


Knowledge, Risk and Data


Steps Beyond Risk Assessment in QRM: RBDM, The next horizon
Valerie Mulholland, Anne Greene, and Martin J. Lipa

Deploying Analytics Solutions


“Data Architecture for Pharmaceutical Product Development at Alkermes”
Peter Couture, Damon Warnock, and Marcus O'Mahony

Regulation, Data, and the Patient