Raymond Snoddy


Ladies and Gentlemen, good evening and thank you very much indeed for the honour and pleasure of being Invited to give the second Annual Rathmines Media Lecture. First of all I owe you a necessary word of explanation for the strange title of this talk , 'The French have got a great culture - I've been to Versailles': Towards a 500 Channel World. It sums up rather well some of the themes I want to touch on tonight. I heard these words about French culture spoken during a supposedly serious interview last month. I was on a 24-hour visit to Atlanta. Georgia to interview Ted Turner, the man crazy enough to fly In the face of all conventional wisdom and launch cable news network - 24 hours a day television news by satellite. The CNN service is now broadcast on no less than thirteen satellites ringing the globe, carrying in general a rather American view of the world. The only remaining places on earth where you are safe from CNN, Lou Dobbs and the remorseless, never ending headlines is Antartica and part of Greenland.

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