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Book Reviews Volume 3



Book Reviews

Denis McQuail Media Performance: Mass Communication and the Public Interest, Reviewed by Farrel Corcoran.

James Donald, Sentimental Education: Schooling, Popular Culture and the Regulation of Liberty London, Reviewed by Sheelagh Drudy

Robert Chapman Selling The Sixties: The Pirates and Pop Music Radio, Reviewed by Pat Dunne

Bob Franklin, ed. Televising Democracies with a foreword by Bernard Weatherhill , Reviewed by Brian Farrell

Tim Congdon et al Paying for Broadcasting: the Handbook, Reviewed by Peter Feeney

Reporters Sans Frontieres Freedom of the Press Throughout the World- 1992 Report John Libby, 1992. Reviewed by Peadar Kirby.

Vincent Price Public Opinion ,Reviewed by Michael Laver.

K.B. Jensen & N.W. Jankowski, eds A Handbook of Qualitative Methodologies for Mass Communication, Reviewed by Denis McQuail.

Barrie Gunter and Mallory Wober The Reactive Viewer , Justin Lewis, The Ideological Octopus: An Exploration of Television and its Audience. David Morley, Television, Audiences and Cultural Studies, Reviewed by Brian O'Neill

Michael Leap man Treacherous Estate - The Press after Fleet Street, Reviewed by Carole O'Reilly.

Vincent Porter and Suzanne Hasselbach Pluralism, Politics and the Marketplace: The Regulation of German Broadcasting, Reviewed by Terry Prone

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