Disrupting Thinking


Research Event, Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

Join us at our first research event Disrupting Thinking organised by the School of Accounting and Finance at TU Dublin. Disrupting Thinking endeavours to offer a forum that encourages innovative and disruptive studies that help us to gain a better understanding of our economy and its new dynamics. We seek to challenge the status quo and bring new insights into existing economic and financial theories and the way that our global economy interacts with our social, cultural, and political systems. We will host an exciting conference on the theme Covid-19 Global Challenges – The Economic and Financial Dimensions.

We are now issuing a Call for Papers. We are looking for innovative ideas to present and discuss your research contribution, so we are open to your suggestions in terms of your communication channels. But, to enable us to understand your proposal, we ask you to provide an abstract of your research idea. Please, briefly outline your research contribution, your research structure, and how it will contribute to developing new ways of thinking in your proposed area of study while highlighting its economic connection.

Our research event aims to differentiate from traditional conferences as we seek to develop and nurture a network of researchers that think out of the box and that brings new insights that challenge traditional ways of thinking. We will look at issues that help us developing a better understanding of our international economic and financial reality through an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research approach. As such, this event is open to research studies that seek to enrich our views and understanding of our global economic and financial systems and their dimensions. Disrupting Thinking opens the door to all disciplines that enable us to question the way that our global economy works and flows. Our main goal is to provoke stimulating discussion and debate that question and shed light on economic elements and their broader interfaces that are not traditionally considered and frequently neglected.

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