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Agriculture, Cultural and economic geography, History, Archaeology


This book is about growing up in Doolin, County Clare, Ireland in the 1940s. It is based heavily on the author’s memories and recollections, reinforced and supported by historical and archival research. Contained herein are a variety of stories and memories, tales and yarns, all documenting a way of life that is now only found in the folklore and historic records of ‘old Ireland’.

The selection of episodes and experiences is eclectic, based on memory and reminiscences, chats with friends and family and all is blended with detailed historical investigation. Our overall aspiration is that this book will help to recreate the spirit and character of a time, a place and a people from long ago.

Perhaps some of the memories are presented in ‘soft-focus’, but we make no apology for this sentimentality. The recollections from those times are happy ones, where life was simpler, and much less complicated. This book is intentionally situated in what Seamus Ennis described as ‘the old world’ of Darby Griffy, and is dedicated to our ancestors, who were uncomplicated, yet strong people, in tune with the land, their ancestors, their language and their culture.

While the overall focus of the book is on daily life in Doolin in the 1940s, the documentary and archaeological history of the area is also explored, with sections detailing the main historical features of the landscape, the important landmarks, and historical events. Particular attention is paid to the quarries and mines, and the early education of the area, which were important influences on daily life in the period under exploration.


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