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An Anthology of Case Studies - eLearning Excellence


There is evidence to show that higher education is changing to accommodate the higher ownership rates of mobile devices among students, and that this technology plays an increasingly important part in their lives (Kobus, Rietveld & Van Ommeren, 2013). These technology-savvy students depend on its usage to feel connected to the world around them (Oblinger, Oblinger, & Lippincott, 2005). Other research has suggested that mobile technologies can provide support to students when transitioning to t'hird-level' education by making it easy for them to engage on their own terms with the resources they need to help with the transition (Fotheringham & Alder, 2012). This case study presents and discusses the bespoke mobile app introduced at the Technological University Dublin (DIT). Part of the institute's “Get Smart!” initiative in the School of Hospitality Management & Tourism, the central aim of the app was to develop an integrative orientation, transition and curriculum for first-year undergraduate students with a view to improving student engagement and progression. Among the issues outlined in the study are those of resourcing, incentivising student downloads, and the challenges faced.