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Murphy, J. (2011). The Business of Managing Bars, p. 35, Licensing World, Jemma Publications Ltd: Dublin.


Licensed premises cannot operate without having a rigorous and sometimes scientific management approach which incorporates the continuous application of management methods and techniques. Major hospitality companies experiencing sever decline in profits sometimes hire management consulting firms to develop a strategy for reversing declining trends. Conversely, a company enjoying rapid growth and astonishingly high profitability sometimes actually look to management consultants for a way to remain successful and to expand their overall business. Bars are now trading in difficult times at present and analysing the root causes of these declining sales could help bar owners across Ireland to seize control of their destiny going forward. Bar owners need to adopt a total business management approach which regularly examines all elements of their business. This approach usually includes rigorous examination of areas such as: marketing, technology, human resources, and quality. In this article we will explore these elements to assist you with the business of managing your bar.