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Murphy, J. (2011). The Pub - Our Most Significant Tourism Attraction, p. 33, Licensing World, Jemma Publications Ltd: Dublin


In a recent survey conducted by the Evening Herald (28/05/2011) Irish pubs were rated in the top five reasons why tourist visit Ireland they stated also that the smoking ban has improved their overall experience pub experience. Tourists love the craic, the people and the culture of our pubs reminding us that we should be immensely proud of them. These glowing compliments got me thinking about Irish pubs and the role they continue to play as historic examples of Irish heritage; in essence I believe that sometimes the Irish pub is generally overlooked as a tourist attraction in their own right. Tourism figures compiled by our national agencies have always focused on major attractions (Blarney Stone, Guinness Storehouse) and occupancy levels for hotels and guesthouses but I have never seem any statistics measuring the annual tourist figures and quota’s for pub visits. In this article we will explore in further detail some of the factors which encourage tourists to visit our pubs; I will also offer some advice to publicans in relation to preserving the authenticity and marketing opportunities of their pubs as tourist attractions. This information may assist tourism marketers, tourist offices and publicans in establishing how Irish pubs can be actively promoted at home and abroad.