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Successfully submitted for the award of Master of Science in Food Safety Management in 2020


In the early years services in Ireland, the study studied the prevalence of hypersensitivity to food and the associated food among children between the aging of 0 and 12. Participants were 980 EYS recorded with the State and Department of Education of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland during 2019. In the descriptive-analytical report, the management guideline for answering these questions by the EYS was circulated electronically via emails and included information regarding class, age, food hypersensitivity and food that induce hypersensitivity among children. Results on the prevalence of allergens to Food and Coeliac diseases and current policies to control them are discussed. In this research, it was found that nearly half of the male children are suffering from food hypersensitivity–be it Food Allergy, Coeliac disease, any kind of Food Intolerance and around 40% of the female children with and the experience of food hypersensitivity. Facilities with the same expertise are making a lot of commitment and are attributing their know-how on dietary allergens. Northern Ireland beat the Republic of Ireland by contributing more than 70% in data analysis.


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