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Successfully submitted for the award of Master of Science Food Safety Management in 2020


2 Abstract Food allergen is one of the major issues in countries like Ireland and India. In Ireland, allergen and ingredients labelling are considered as the topmost problems in the Irish food business. The problems can be solved under a strict framework guided by strong regulations. The problem is bigger in India than Ireland as in India, there is no proper legalized standard in the context of food allergens so the people who are allergic to certain food products are on high risk. Labelling is a major issue in India due to pluralism and diverse linguistic barriers. Ireland operated FSAI is performing well under the supervision of the Irish government while India controlled FSSAI is not able to show its performance in maintaining its effectiveness in detecting food allergens. Absence and improper implementation of the standard have become an issue in both India as well as Ireland. The study focuses on comparative analysis between the food allergen standard of Ireland and India. Through this method, the opportunities and challenges faced in the detection of food allergen in the stuff which they consume. The study has provided a brief introduction about the food allergen and food allergen standard of India and Ireland. It has also focused on the different food item that may cause allergy to the people.


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