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2020 and 2021 were difficult years for students attending higher education and secondary education especially if they were preparing to enter higher education. Teaching was adapted, and assessments were the possible ones according to what we lived and experienced. Thus, students need innovative and stimulating teaching and learning practices that motivate and involve them in the teaching/learning processes. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and digital platforms have seen their indiscriminate use, not without sometimes, teachers and students questioning whether they were being used in the best conceivable way or taken full advantage of. Face-to-face group work and involvement with the needs of colleagues lost some space for achievement and effectiveness. The preference for individual work and the visible reduction in solidarity among colleagues was an issue/question posed at the beginning of this study. An activity was proposed over a semester to students of Statistical Methods from Informatics Engineering. This curricular unit enrols 533 students, 85 on an after-work basis. The objective of this proposal was to create a collaborative learning platform where students could interact with each other within the scope of the curricular unit. Cumulatively, it was an objective that students deepen the topics taught in class, including references provided, and reviewing exercises conducted by their colleagues. Regularly professors corrected the materials proposed by the students. All students who participated had access to all the work developed. The evaluation of students' involvement, collaboration, and solidarity in addition to the results will be discussed and presented.


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