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Some engineering students get involved in student associations during their studies. They develop multiple skills such as: leadership and management, communication, project management, supervision and transmission of knowledge, service to others, etc. However, they are not always aware of it. Helphi, a student association of EPF Engineering School, was responsible for organising an afterwork event to be held on International Women's Rights Day. As student members were brainstorming, the idea of a board game, both informative and entertaining came up: MagiePoly was born. MagiePoly is a game, inspired by a wellknown board game, which aims to raise awareness of gender inequalities. During their studies, engineering students have access to an eportfolio, but they do not always have the habit of using it to identify how they develop their skills, what they need to improve or how their career plans could evolve. Students also attend an introductory course on the research process. It is within the framework of this course that students co-write with their teacher an article on the acquisition of engineering skills through involvement in student associations. This article describes how the creation of MagiePoly has contributed to the engineering students' skills and how the realisation of a project have been key to the motivation, commitment and success of these students.


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