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Acquiring representative feedback from students is a common problem for universities. To address the often low response rates and participation bias, we focussed on a simplified evaluation process and improved user convenience. We developed and implemented a new tool for collecting feedback by sharing an accessible short survey on our Moodle-based e-learning platform. This new Moodle evaluation tool allows surveys to pop up visibly but non-invasively within every Moodle course offered by our university for the duration of the valuation period. After voting, the survey does not show up again. By condensing a questionnaire to three main queries using a 6-point Likert scale, we gathered data on overall satisfaction with the course, satisfaction with course structure and navigation, and satisfaction with course elements and content. Within two weeks, we collected 65,000 votes from over 1600 courses, with an average response rate of 30% among all active students using the Moodle platform. This paper describes the design and implementation of the short survey, provides an overview of the new evaluation tool and its features, and shares preliminary results and interpretations of the data. Based on these findings, we outline our plans for the continuation and extension of the short-survey approach.


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