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Engineering students as future maker of things will face the challenge of keeping pace with rapidly evolving technologies and staying up-to-date with the latest innovations in their field. To cope with these demands a flexible course concept is developed for an undergraduate Materials Science lab course: Materials Testing at HTW Berlin based on a blended learning teaching concept implementing inverted classroom lecture scenarios. High quality micro modules are defined that may individually be combined or restructured and therefore offer sufficient flexibility to match the individual scientific background of the lecturer, the course learning outcome, main study subject or actual need based on recent developments. The Moodle course offers different teaching materials, such as micro-lectures, guided questionnaires, lecture and lightboard videos, H5P-activities, etc. Lecturers will find detailed information on the course concept but independently decide on the main aspect of their individual teaching and are therefore granted time for various activating methods in class. With providing well-arranged individual work packages the pressure especially for lecturers from industry - who are teaching on their full time jobs - is relieved and they have more time to interact with students involving them in future common engineering challenges.


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