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This invited Book Review was first published in the British Journal of Nutrition (IF 3.67) in January 2008


Essentials of Human Nutrition is the third edition of this excellent text originally published in 1998. This comprehensively updated version contains many chapters that have been completely rewritten since the last volume in 2002, while the others have been meticulously revised. The content is presented in a readily accessible manner and addresses the issues of greatest pertinence to contemporary nutritional science and therapeutics, with sections covering foods, macro- and micronutrients, nutrition-related disorders, public health nutrition and clinical nutrition. Eminent researchers and teachers from around the world have been commissioned to write these specialist chapters, with the judicious editorial style permitting elaboration of key issues within the premise of a general nutrition text. The engagement of these experts has generated an insightful volume that addresses a broad subject matter in a truly global context.