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Practitioner Research Project undertaken in part completion of the DIT's Postgraduate Diploma in Third Level Learning and Teaching (DT906). For more details please see


This project was driven by a motivation to be as fair as possible in the assessment of students' group work. Achieving fairness in assessment is a recurrent them in group project assessment literature (Nordberg, 2009). All authors of this report teach modules with group projects, and acknowledged that discrepancies often exist between a mark assigned to a group and an individual's contribution. Our aims were to (a) collectively enhance our understanding of the issues that need to be considered when assessing a group work project and (b) collectively build our confidence in approaches chosen to overcome these challenges. The findings of a literature review on group work assessment informed the creation of a methodology to develop a toolkit which can be referred to when planning and setting group work assignments. An intermediary stage of this process was the development of an algorithm which incorporated user perspectives to assign associated values to assignment outputs and how they are assessed. This subjective user input, whether it is generated within a School, a subject matter or from a large sample of educators, can then be applied by associated users. An intended output of these potential processes is that the tailored toolkits can assist educators and/or programmes regardless of their teaching philosophy. Flash-cards were developed as a prototype of how the toolkit information can be visualised.