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Report submitted to PG Diploma in Third Level Learning and Teaching Practitioner Research Projects, TU Dublin, 2019.


The type of assessment used by the instructor is a major consideration that must be taken into account when designing a third level course. The importance of assessment can be understood if one frames it not only as assessment of learning but also as assessment for learning. In this new framework, in addition to measuring students’ knowledge of the material, assessment can be thought of as a tool used for providing feedback, for defining academic standards, and for directing student learning (Harris, 2005). There is currently a movement calling for a shift away from traditional high-stakes assessment towards alternative assessment practices based on the increasingly diverse student population, constructivist learning theory, and the need for more authentic evaluations of student performance (Anderson, 1998). Within this trend, it is important to consider the potential of technology. The use of student-generated videos as assessment tools can be one way to incorporate technology into the classroom when taking a blended learning approach. This can increase student motivation, improve attitudes and learning behaviors, and increase learning performance. Generating videos is a move from passive to active learning. This project aimed to produce a how-to guide for the creation of video assignments within a specific module. We intend this guide to serve as a resource for lectures to aid the students when using this innovative assessment method. The graphic nature of the resource makes it easy to follow and student-centred, especially when compared to existing resources which tend to be text-based and more difficult to follow. In addition, it is our hope that our guide can encourage uniformity, be reusable, and provide a clear process that students can follow when taking on video assessments.