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Technological University Dublin, 2013.


In this project a suite of tailorable teaching and learning resources were created, implemented and evaluated. These resources focused on the assessment for learning model, adopting the constructivist approach to learning. Here, the student builds their knowledge, and deepens their understanding, as they complete their assessment. The resources were designed to aid academic adoption, and student implementation, of this model of assessment. The assessment outputs created using these resources were digital videos and network concept maps. The tailorable resources provided a structured and scaffolded environment for both the academic and student to explore this learning space. Both students and academic staff, as part of an explorative case study, evaluated the resources. In terms of the resources created for video-based assessment, students were happiest at times that correlated with the use of the resource pack and commented that the resources assisted them in creating their assessment for learning product. Finally, recommendations for practice are offered and suggestions are made on how to holistically integrate this approach on an Institute-wide scale.