Professional Experience Informing Facilitative, Cognitive and Social Guidance on ePortfolios

Roisin Donnelly, Dublin Institute of Technology

EEP Project. Finland: Hamk Publishing, 2018.


To continue the cycle of learning about ePortfolios, an important action that practitioners can take is share lessons learned from their professional practice. Readers of this article can follow ideas, thoughts and concerns from a decade’s experience of designing, implementing and evaluating an ePortfolio module aimed at lecturers, teachers, trainers and eLearning workplace practitioners across Ireland. The module has been delivered as a core part of an accredited Masters (MSc) professional development programme since 2007. Woven into the article is a reflexive commentary on how layers of teaching, cognitive and social guidance based on professional experience is formed. Benefit can be derived for learners, teachers and programme teams from the pedagogical content knowledge about ePortfolios shared here.