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9th. Annual SEDA Conference, Birmingham, November 16-17, 2004.


In higher education, we still have much to learn about the nature of teacher training, about the construction of curricula, and about how teachers become reflective about their practice. Eraut (1994) emphasised that professionals continually learn on the job but that unless time is set aside to deliberate, the learning may not be integrated into any general theory of practice. Also, it is argued in the most recent literature (Day & Sachs 2004) that there is a gap in our knowledge of the effects of CPD upon the thinking, planning and practice of individual teachers. Kelchtermans (2004) highlights the need to answer the key question as to what kind of professionalism, continuous professional development should contribute and the discussion is set in the wider context of the debate about the professionalism of the academic community in these changed times.

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