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A thesis submitted to Dublin Institute of Technology in part fulfilment of the requirements for the award of Masters (M.A.) in Higher Education, June 2017.


The aim of this project was to investigate the use of a haptic ultrasound training device as a training aid to improve students’ learning, competency and confidence, in the conceptually and technically challenging area of diagnostic ultrasound imaging. The research question was investigated through the use of an evaluative case study using a mixed methods approach, with each method converging to ensure triangulation. The quantitative evaluations of the Multiple Choice Questions, psychometric manipulation test and direct observation of ultrasound scanning manipulation, demonstrated improvements of 12%, 29% and 94%, respectively between pre- and post-training performance. The qualitative evaluation of students’ confidence level carrying out an ultrasound examination following the training intervention indicated that the training intervention was regarded positively by the students, demonstrated by the high level of confidence reported by the students, with a mean score of 4.43 / 5. In conclusion, the use of a haptic ultrasound training device was found to improve the students’ link between theory and practice, their hand-eye coordination, and allowed them to gain confidence in diagnostic ultrasound scanning.


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