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Successfully submitted for the award of Masters of Teaching and Learning to the Dublin Insitute of Technology, 2010.


Postgraduate education can take on different meanings for individuals. It can be interpreted according to an individual or group of individuals’ ontological and epistemological position. The meaning of education and its purpose is not standardised. Education and its purpose is varied and shaped by an individual’s experience. This research is an assessment of the postgraduate education requirements of construction managers. It explores the type of knowledge that is considered as essential to the role of a construction manager. It asks industry representatives, academic and professional representatives to rate the importance and relevance of the identified knowledge. The need for this research has been identified by the Department of Construction Management at the Technologicl University Dublin (DIT) in their strategic plan. The findings of this research have lead to the development and design of a new framework for a new taught master programme in construction management. The research highlights the need for 21

st century construction professionals to evolve and develop, to meet the challenges of an increasing focus on the environment, the economy and technology. A survey based questionnaire was used to assess the education requirements of construction managers. The results of the survey confirmed a need for construction managers to achieve a postgraduate qualification. The newly developed framework acknowledges the need for academic postgraduate programmes to encourage experiential learning and embrace a pedagogy which enables participants to practise and experience the practical elements of construction management in conjunction with the theoretical knowledge which informs and identifies construction management processes.