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In M. Savin-Baden (Ed.) Problem-based learning online (pp.79-97). Buckingham: Open University Press.


This chapter is written from the perspective of an academic developer engaged in blending e-learning and problem-based learning as a means of delivery of professional development for academic staff in higher education. There is undoubtedly a wider range of e-learning technologies that are available for use with the more traditional teaching and learning / instructional strategies, but the challenge faced by today’s academic developers is the development of e-learning technologies to support constructivism and social constructivism in learning approaches amongst the academic staff with whom they work, so that this is, in turn, is carried forward into their own classrooms and subject disciplines. The learning approach supported by e-learning technologies explored in this case study research is problem-based learning (PBL). The chapter presents a review of the relevant literature that informed the design of a module for academic development of teaching staff in higher education, together with subsequent case study research exploring the role of the academic developer as tutor in this form of continuing professional development.

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