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Eportfolios in Ireland: A special issue of the Irish Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning


This practice report reflects on a pilot project embedding ePortfolios in programme-level assessment in a number of Business disciplines across the College of Business in the Technological University Dublin. The pilot was important for a triad of reasons; firstly for the university, positioning of an ePortfolio programme level strategy required an understanding of the importance of professional development and support structures for staff and students, and guidance on scaling from a pilot project to a full-scale implementation. Secondly, for staff, highlighting the purpose of the ePortfolio and particular effective teaching and learning strategies was crucial e.g. personalization for increasing student engagement and reflective practice. Finally, for students, an ePortfolio can allow learning beyond the scope of a particular module to highlight holistic learning across a programme, and can be utilized for showcasing of work andin procuring future employment - it is suitable to practical, critical and creative thinking.This report explores implications for practice for staff seeking clarity on establishing the purpose (for both assessment and reflection) and audience (UG and PG students) for a programme-basedePortfolio. Reflections include the professional development support that paralleled the adoption of the pilot and strategies that can be put in place to move from an initial project to a scalable implementation across a College, and the challenges of engaging critically in programme-level assessment. Recommendations are for educational developers, those working in learning development and learning technologists who support academic staff in decision-making around ePortfolio integration to programme-level assessment strategies.

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