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The Irish Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning


This paper reports on findings from the recent extension of the VLE survey which examined VLE usage from a staff perspective. 580 staff across seven institutions responded to the survey. The survey explored staff perceptions of the VLE and the opportunities for and barriers to its effective use. Qualitative and quantitative data were analysed in order to identify the major factors influencing staff engagement with the VLE. Time (or the lack thereof) emerged as the greatest barrier to effective use of the VLE. When time was in scarce supply, staff evaluated where to spend it and prioritised accordingly. The amount of time needed to gain proficiency in all or particular elements of the VLE was cited as a barrier to its effective use. There was a perception that large tracts of time were required to attend training. This led to questions about the pedagogical value of VLE usage. Technical infrastructure and usability were also factors which prevented staff from engaging with the VLE. We discuss these factors in light of a move towards micro courses and micro-credentialling, and the growing body of scholarly evidence available to support investment of valuable time by staff in the VLE.