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Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. 2009.


This paper provides insights into teaching and learning based on the analysis of an accredited professional development program, entitled the Postgraduate Certificate in Third Level Learning and Teaching, aimed at lecturing staff/faculty in Irish higher education. The program has its theoretical basis in the Kolb Experiential Learning Cycle (Kolb, 1983), combined with principles of collaborative learning and a philosophical understanding of teaching in higher education. An action research study was conducted to investigate the lecturers’ perceptions of the program, with a particular focus on how support could be provided to them through a combined model of learning. As a core of the program is the importance of developing a personal philosophy of teaching, this was considered an integral aspect of the study. Philosophical perspectives are key to successful curriculum design in this context because values and beliefs affect the development of curriculum at various levels and it is important for program participants to be able to defend their own thinking and principles.