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AACEJ, Vol. 12, 2, 2004, p.236-247


This paper describes research undertaken by an academic tutor in a Learning and Teaching Center (LTC) on the design of a module on Online Learning on a Postgraduate Diploma in Third Level Learning and Teaching. The LTC supports academic staff (Faculty) at the Technological University Dublin in learning, teaching and assessment activities, including integrating learning technologies. This work is supplemented by increasing awareness of current national and international research and strategies related to learning and teaching in higher education. The goal of the LTC is to offer resources, consultation, and a forum for discussion to help academic staff provide a valuable learning experience to all students. This qualification is for lecturers from a range of higher education institutions in the Republic of Ireland. The module is delivered using a problem-based learning (PBL) approach. The lecturers are all currently teaching in a variety of subject disciplines in Higher Education in Ireland and are taking this module on a part-time basis. The aim of the module is to enable lecturers to become aware of the theories and practicalities of designing, delivering, supporting and evaluating an online course in their own subject discipline. The key to their success is envisaged by using the principles of problem-based learning to share valuable information about online learning with their multidisciplinary peers.