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Innovations in Education and Training International, Volume 48, Issue 3, August 2011, pages 335-346.

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This paper details a small-scale, research study into lecturers‟ perceived impact of microteaching within a postgraduate certificate in teaching in higher education in Ireland. Participants engage on the programme for a range of reasons: to broaden expertise and knowledge beyond the disciplinary boundaries within which they primarily operate; to build on and develop their scholarly profiles; and to reflect on their teaching experience to date. Participation in microteaching has provided a sense of validation for much of what these lecturers do and how they do it, which has resulted in ongoing critical reflection and peer discussion. Although initially giving rise to anxiety among some participants, microteaching has led to greater self-awareness and increased confidence in participants‟ own ability and expertise, and a reaffirmation of their teaching style and practice. There is a role for academic developers to support lecturers to be reflective and reflexive in order that they can create their own professional knowledge. The microteaching sessions provided an opportunity for the lecturers to gain insights into their 2 teaching role, engage in dialogue and become more reflective about their practice.

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